BMW 3.0 CSL Alpina

3.0 CSL Carburator - Alpina B2 - SOLD

SOLD! Amazing 1 owner ultra-lightweight carburetor CSL, delivered new in 1972 in Dubweiler, Germany.

A superb documented matching numbers example with service history going back to the original sale invoice from the BWM dealer and race workshop Jürgen Grähser in 1972!

In the 70’s upgraded to Alpina B2 specifications with 230hp and  5 speed sports transmission.

This stunning CSL was beautifully restored in the original rare and desirable color Inka orange.

One of the only 169 early carbureted 3.0 CSLs ever produced. Factory equipped with plexiglass windows, aluminum doors, hood and trunk lid. Considered the purest and the original “Ultra Lightweight” version of the CSL.


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