About Us


At the age of 18 I decided to come to Germany, leave my beautiful country, Colombia, my family and friends to follow my dream.

I grew up with the unique sound and smell of BMW.  Since I was I child my father shared with me his passion, the love to restore, collect and preserve the BMW classic car heritage.

I founded this company to specialize in the sale of classic and vintage BMW’s, dedicated to vehicles in mint condition, low milage or rare production models, ranging from the little BMW Isetta to
the breathtaking BMW 507.

In this venture I have had the pleasure to meet and make business with great BMW enthusiast collectors, Ex F1 and BMW Factory race drivers, BMW subsidiaries, BMW official importers and with the BMW Group Classic in Munich. This circle of trust is growing every day.

Today, 15 years later and with many satisfied customers I can thankfully say that I made the right decision.

Felipe García